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8 Delightful Cat Castles Your Feline Will Love

Looking for a castle for your feline king or queen? We’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at some of the best and most interesting cat castles available!

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Corrugated Cardboard Cat Castle

This corrugated cardboard cat house, which is nearly 3 feet tall, is a fun option for your furry little royalty! The corrugated cardboard is a great texture for claws to sink happily into. This castle is easy to assemble and sturdy enough for reasonably chubby felines.

Cat Wheel

This cat wheel is reminiscent of a water wheel and fits perfectly into a medieval- or castle-themed kitty sanctuary. The added functionality of running on the wheel will thrill your feline and provide hours of exercise and entertainment. This structure is not only visually attractive, but can help your kitty exercise and stave off boredom and depression at the same time. There is also a wheel-only version!

Cat Sky Castle

A modern cat castle with numerous features
This Cat Sky Castle will be the perfect place from which your cat can rule the house!

A multi-level castle with numerous platforms, holes, spring toys, cushions and more is a perfect fortress from which your cat can rule your home. This sturdy, elegant cat furniture features sisal scratching posts, a cozy cat cave and a capsule next for feline lounging with a view.

Cat Castle with Dual Balconies

A magical cat castle
A magical sanctuary for your cat!

A distinctly medieval vibe gives this cat fortress a ton of character. Though assembly is not for the faint of heart, the end result is a sturdy castle that your kitty will adore. Eco-friendly, recyclable corrugated cardboard will attract your cat to immediately invite himself inside and establish his kingdom HQ.

Modular Wooden Cat Castle

A modular wooden cat fortress

This poplar plywood modular cat castle can be assembled in whatever configuration you and kitty enjoy! Each cube is 11 inches tall, and you can always add more cubes to make it wider or taller. This cool castle boasts sissal scratching panels, windows, doors, drawbridges, and many other royal features your furry ruler will love.

Cat Fortress

A sturdy cardboard cat fortress
A fabulous feline fortress!

This cat fortress comes with all the classic castle details – arched castle windows, crenellated walls. Made of your cat’s favorite thick corrugated cardboard, this kitty castle is sturdy, eco-friendly and easy to assemble. Personalize it with an engraving of your cat’s name on the side!

Small Carpeted Cat Castle

This lilac-and-cream castle is a perfect palace for your prim purring pal. Reviewers laud its ease of assembly (4 bolts, tools included) and the quality of the plush fabric. This cat castle is probably too small for the largest felines, but smaller kitties will love the tower, bed, and tented loft!

Lotus Cat Tower

An attractive wooden cat tower
A sleek turret of a cat tower

The Lotus Tower from the Refined Feline is reminiscent of a castle tower or turret. Elegant and tall, it could stand on its own as an attractive piece, or combine with any of the other castles mentioned above to create a truly engaging medieval cat space.

Cat Throne

This cat throne is EPIC.

Your cat will LOVE this Game of Thrones-inspired cat throne. He will happily rule with an iron purr from his royal seat. This piece would make a brilliant addition to a cat-castle-themed area in your home.